Dr Pradeep Bala

October 16, 2023

Welcome to PradeepBala.com, your trusted source for world-class orthopedic care, right in your vicinity. When it comes to orthopedic excellence, there’s no one quite like Dr. Pradeep Bala. With an impressive track record of more than 5000 surgical procedures under his belt, Dr. Bala is a renowned specialist in Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, and Microsurgery.

Meet Dr. Pradeep Bala

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Bala’s expertise spans a wide range of orthopedic specialties:

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Utilizing cutting-edge techniques for precise diagnosis and treatment of shoulder conditions.

Primary and Revision Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Including the use of patient-specific instrumentation and custom-made implants for optimal outcomes.

Elbow Arthroscopy: Delivering advanced solutions for elbow joint issues.

Wrist Arthroscopy: Expertise in diagnosing and treating wrist-related concerns.

Sports Surgery: Tailored treatments for athletes and sports professionals, ensuring a swift return to peak performance.

Tendon and Nerve Repairs: Proficiency in intricate repairs and microsurgery.

Complex Hand Surgery: Addressing complex hand-related problems with precision.

Innovative Research: Dr. Bala’s involvement in pioneering research projects, such as navigation-based joint replacement and designing novel cement spacers for infected joint replacements, showcases his commitment to advancing orthopedic care.

Dr. Bala is a distinguished member of various orthopedic associations, including the Emirates Orthopaedic Society, Indian Orthopaedic Association, Australian Orthopaedic Association, Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association, AO Trauma, Indian Arthroscopy Society, APOA Hand and Upper Limb Society, Shoulder and Elbow Society of India, Emirates Society for Hand Surgeons, Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand, and Indian Association for Sports Medicine.

Experience Care Like Never Before

Dr. Pradeep Bala’s practice is currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where he specializes as a Shoulder, Elbow, and Hand Surgeon. With his extensive experience and dedication to his craft, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

Athlete-Centric Approach

Dr. Bala’s personal athletic background, including achievements such as being a former university cycling and walking champion and a former captain of university and school basketball teams, gives him a unique understanding of the needs of professional and recreational athletes. He continues to stay active by participating in marathons, basketball, cycling, trekking, and rock climbing. As a former drummer in a college band, he also comprehends the intricate requirements of musicians’ upper limbs.

When you choose Dr. Pradeep Bala for your orthopedic needs, you’re not just selecting a skilled surgeon but also a compassionate, active, and relatable partner on your journey to recovery.

Experience the pinnacle of orthopedic care near you. Contact Dr. Pradeep Bala today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, more active life.