Pradeep Balasubramanian Explores Top Injuries of the Shoulder

Dr Pradeep Bala

March 7, 2021

Shoulder Injuries are Common, and Pradeep Balasubramanian Discusses Them in Depth

Shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries amongst athletes. Often, they are caused by repetitive overhead activities. Swimmers, tennis players, and baseball pitchers amongst other athletes, may suffer from such injuries. Pradeep Balasubramanian, Dubai, explores some of the most common injuries of the shoulder and how to prevent them.

According to Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai, a shoulder, elbow, and hand surgeon in the United Arab Emirates, overhead athletes are most prone to shoulder injuries. These include ligament sprains, muscle strains, ligament, and capsular tears, cartilage damage, and rotator cuff problems.

Many people tend to ignore shoulder pain. However, when the pain becomes constant, the shoulder joint function becomes limited or when weakness develops in the shoulder, it is vital to seek medical help. Pradeep Balasubramanian identifies that these problems may get worse if not treated in time.

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai explains that there are many components to the shoulder ball and socket joint. In addition to the humerus (ball) and glenoid (socket), there are also the rotator cuff tendons, the deltoid muscle, bursae around the shoulder, the acromion, and the long head of the biceps tendon.

Depending on the damage, Pradeep Balasubramanian explains that surgery may be necessary to re-attach the muscles, tendons, cartilage, or ligaments or even resect bone. Surgery may address either one or multiple issues at the same time.

Failure to address a shoulder injury can result in further tearing of the muscles and/or tendons. It may even result in long-term dysfunction of the shoulder and arm. In some instances, the muscles may atrophy, and one may never gain full use of the shoulder and arm again.

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai is also quick to identify that not all shoulder injuries are caused by playing sports. Athletes may be among the top sufferers, but anyone can injure their shoulders. Performing simple activities like painting a wall, gardening, or hanging curtains can result in a shoulder injury.

Anyone who suspects they may have a shoulder injury should seek medical attention. Pradeep Balasubramanian explains that a physical exam should always be carried out to discover the origin of pain. Various diagnostic tests may then be undertaken to fully gauge the extent of the damage.

After spending over a decade with athletes who have suffered from shoulder injuries, Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai has seen it all. He understands how the shoulder joint works and what the underlying injuries might be. He recommends performing stretches before extensive overhead activity. He also reminds people to pay attention to the warning signs of an underlying injury.

More About Pradeep Balasubramanian

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai is a globally trained shoulder, elbow, and hand surgeon. He attended university in India and has completed three fellowships including 2 in Australia. He currently works as a visiting Shoulder Elbow and Hand surgeon in two emirates in the UAE.